Jade Hamzelou


Jade has been playing and teaching the harp, since graduating with a Masters in Music in 2003. Her career as a performer has taken her to some beautiful settings such as coastal castles and decadent palaces as well as festivals and folk gatherings. She has played for a charity called ‘Music in Hospitals’ since 2011 and performs concerts on the harp with some traditional songs to sing along with her. Jade is a keen soprano with a light natural voice and has performed as a solo singer songwriter at Druid Camp and St. Michael’s Mount as well as opening Fairy Fest and appearing at other fabulous festivals such as Holifair, whilst living in Cornwall.

Jade has a secret passion for the wire strung harp and is lucky enough to have a replica of the Queen Mary harp, which she learnt to play in Ireland at the Wire strung harp school in Kilkenny. This beautiful instrument was made by early music instrument specialist, Michael King.

Jade now lives in Bath and plays mainly on her Salvi Orchestra harp, having studied Jazz in 2022 with the internationally acclaimed Park Stickney. Watch out for some new solo material coming soon on her Youtube channel!